The Bachelor Episode 2

The Bachelor Episode 2

*** S P O I L E R A L E R T ***

Helloooooo, Bachelor Nation!

WOW. So much drama. OVER CHAMPAGNE! Last night’s episode was the 2nd in Peter’s season of The Bachelor & can I just say I swear these producers are just grasping for straws here???? For me, this episode didn’t do a whole lot besides make me loathe Kelsey. Per my Insta story poll, it seems one is either Team Kelsey or Team Hannah Ann . . . we’ll get into that later.

Let’s Talk About Hannah B.

This is the dirt we were all waiting for ALL WEEK! I think we can all agree that Hannah B put Peter in a really tough position by even coming to him on the show & talking about her lingering feelings for him . . . I have to say that is not fair. Peter is there at the mansion to meet new women and find his wife, not be Hannah’s third option (ugh, even though I loveee her!). I laughed when she looked him dead in the eye & said, “Let’s go catch a flight!” Honestly though, I thought he might. I think Peter is really having a hard time with how Hannah is feeling because he’s not totally over her, but GOOD FOR YOU PETER for retracting your invitation for her to join the mansion. *claps*

I loved watching the solo interviews of some of the girls in the house during the Hannah B portion of the show. They totallyyy have a right to be upset–even though it’s Hannah B, it’s ALSO Peter’s ex . . . which makes for an uncomfortable situation among all parties involved.

My thoughts after finishing the Hannah B portion of the show are that maybe Peter isn’t ready to be the bachelor. He obviously isn’t over her, or his face wouldn’t have been in her neck & he wouldn’t have hesitated with her so much. I’m not really sure if he can fully emotionally invest in a new girl right now when she’s still so fresh in his mind, & to be frank it seems down right UNFAIR to the new girls that are putting their heart on the line for him. Also, cancelling the group date wasn’t cool, but I also get why he did that. It wasn’t exactly his choice for Hannah B to show up & have that intense convo (or was it???).

The After Party (to the group date that never happened)

I don’t want an apology from Peter about how the day went. I want to SEE him get over Hannah B & actually put some time into these new girls! Okkkk I was floored (yet again) at how these girls were eating into Peter while talking to him one on one about Hannah showing up & taking up all their time. Honestly . . . I’d be pissed too.

Mykenna & Peter were V I B I N G during this time & I’m here for it. Sydney. That story. I’ve heard almost the exact same season on like every other season of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. I really like her, but I think that story about how she grew up is the only reason she got the rose.



I literally cannot stand Kelsey. Like with a passion. Sorry (not sorry) y’all, I’m team Hannah Ann, & not just because we have the same name. I genuinely don’t think that Hannah Ann knew that champagne was Kelsey’s that was set out by the fire.

1–Kelsey told some of the girls after Hannah Ann was already with Peter (so she couldn’t have found out that way). 2–The producers had multiple bottles of champagne set out in different locations outside, so how was she supposed to know that one by the fire was any different than the others???

This is where the producers SET UP some drama because there wasn’t any to be had anywhere else. At this point (uhhh reminder, we’re only in episode 2) the producers are just stirring the pot because these girls are boring!!!!!

Kelsey’s idea to share the bottle of champagne she got for her birthday with Peter was super sweet, but how upset she got over it just seemed soooo unreasonable to me. If you’re Team Kelsey you’re gonna hate me (idc), but this girl is C R A Y!!!!! Literally she is the Luke P of the season. Yeah, I went there. All of her meltdowns were so childish & ummmm was she wasted????

All I have to say about the stand-in bottle of champagne blowing up in her face . . . I N S T A N T K A R M A! (Here’s the video again for your amusement.)

Rose Ceremony Night

Lexi really stood out to me when she spoke to Peter tonight before the rose ceremony because she was being so understanding about his situation.

The gift Peter got for Madison–cute or weird??? Seriously, consider a real life situation where you go on a couple dates with a guy (one was to meet his family . . .) and then on your third date he gives you a photo of you & his family. Yeah, weird. Honestly, I would be happy at this point if Madison was the winner!!


  • Mykenna
  • Victoria P
  • Natasha
  • Jasmine
  • Sarah
  • Lexi
  • Hannah Ann
  • Alexa
  • Tammy
  • Alayah
  • Deandra
  • Victoria F
  • Shiann
  • Kierra
  • Savannah
  • Kelsey

So since The Bachelor is obviously in need of some drama, they’re keeping Kelsey around. Hopefully she doesn’t last a whole lot longer, but who else would play the villan?

Group Date

Date Carrrddddd! Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F, Kelsey & Hannah Ann got the group date card.

This group date was pretty freakin sweet. I wouldn’t even care if I won–just give me all those Revolve clothes!

Okay I could NOT stop wondering the whole time . . . are all these girls the same size??? How can they just pick anything out in this store & it’ll magically fit & be runway ready?

Omg can we just talk about Hannah Ann showing up on the runway in a wedding dress? Dead! DECEASED!!! That was ballsy.

Ugh I feel so bad for Victoria F. She’s seriously so gorgeous & not a trouble maker and all I want is for her to be happy. *cries* That outfit she came out in on the runway . . . HOT DAMN VICTORIA!! I don’t think she should be so upset about “Peter not seeing her” because girl, he saw you! Outfit & kiss combined?? Spicyyyy! It’s kind of b.s. that Victoria F. didn’t win the fashion show against Hannah Ann . . . we were all rooting for her, weren’t we?

One thing I couldn’t help but notice was that every time one of the girls was upset, Kelsey ran straight to them to try to comfort them. Kind of like she was trying to create allies. Coincidence? I think not.

End of the Episode

I am so happy that Victoria F got the rose at the end of the group date!!! She seriously deserves it.

Kelsey’s conversation with Peter was fake af. It was so funny because when he asked her if they could talk she was like am I in trouble? Usually if you have to ask it’s a yes! Hopefully in the next couple episodes he can see through the act she puts on for him. She keeps saying that she’s “over” the champagne incident, but obvs not because she ended the episode in the bathroom. Again.

High note: DEMI IS BACK NEXT WEEK!!! And it looks like there’s some hazing going on. I’m living for this . . . can’t wait! ‘Til next week!

xo, Han

The Bachelor Episode 1

The Bachelor Episode 1

*** S P O I L E R A L E R T ***

Hellooooo, Bachelor Nation!

So last night’s first episode of Peter’s season has me thirsty for next week’s episode. I am living for the drama on this season (okay, not really but you get what I’m saying)! Some relationships between girls in the house are already a little cray & it’s only gonna get crazier. YAY!

We all knew from the teasers that Hannah Brown would show up on this season of The Bachelor, but I don’t think anyone saw what was really coming at the end of the episode. I was FLOORED when Hannah B confessed that she made mistakes & still has feelings for Peter. I about lost my mind when he didn’t back off & invited her to join the house! WHAT!!! I def have mixed feelings about this–I wish Hannah & Peter would’ve just ended up together from the get-go, but I also feel like she wouldn’t even be competition against the other girls…she’s just the grand prize. So, we’ll see what she does next week!

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Let’s Meet the Girls

In The Running

These are the gals got a rose on last night’s episode, along with my first impressions after watching their entrance & interactions throughout the episode.

  • Alayah: family oriented, authentic, letter from her grandma seemed a little thirsty
  • Sydney: she threw a little shade at Hannah B in her entrance…& Hannah B’s my girl
  • Hannah Ann: cute & sweet, Peter seemed to really like her, she was the first one Peter willingly kissed, my pick for the first impression rose
  • Sarah: confident, real
  • Lauren: cautiously optimistic, Peter seems to like her
  • Victoria P: goofy, fun, lighthearted, sweet, daring
  • Mykenna: head over heels for Peter
  • Kelsey: maybe a little shy
  • Madison: sweet, confident, dominant
  • Tammy: funny, straight forward
  • Shiann: fun, maybe a bit insecure
  • Courtney: potentially trashy, wants to be cool
  • Lexi: she showed up in a red convertible. Yep, that’s it. That’s the tweet.
  • Deandra: who tf shows up as a windmill?? Awk since he banged Hannah B in that windmill….
  • Jasmine: Peter was so confused when he couldn’t understand a damn thing she was saying
  • Victoria F: dry sense of humor, not so confident, I thought she was going to be elimated
  • Savannah: the blindfolded kiss was not my styler, pretty bold, stole the first kiss from Peter (was he even into it???)
  • Kelley: nervous laugher, carefree
  • Natasha: weird, maybe a little kinky?, crazy eyes, probably the worst first impression for me
  • Kiarra: how did she fit in a freakin suitcase?
  • Alexa: debby downer


  • Maurissa: potentially possessive, fun
  • Eunice: flight attendant, confident
  • Jade: flight attendant
  • Megan: flight attendant
  • Kylie: bringing the condoms was trashyyy
  • Katrina: wtf was up with the picture of her hairless pussy cat?? Honestly like wtf I was so uncomfortable until I saw it was legit her hairless cat.
  • Jenna: showed up with an emotional support cow, awkward. Everyone who thought that cow was a horse needs to go. Now.
  • Avonlea: cheesyyyy

First Group Date

Since Peter is a pilot (duh!) the flight school group date is adorable. But Peter is showing no mercy with this first group date! I am literally so surprised only one girl threw up on that horrible spinning contraption. And I thought Hannah B picked some crazy group dates!

First Date

I loved watching the obstacle course!!! Low key mad that Kelley got the first date because she cheated & still got the sunset flight with Peter. But I guess the battle for love can’t always be fair, right? All the girls were SO jealous when she got back from spending the entire day with Peter, but who the heck wouldn’t be! We’ll see if the house can be a little less petty with Kelley next Monday.

First One-On-One Date

Peter has some BALLS! Taking a girl to his parents’ vow renewals on the FIRST DATE?! That’s some risky behavior in my opinion, but makes for some amazing drama.

That being said, this date was so sickeningly sweet. I think I would be terrified to meet the parents so soon…during their vow renewals…ON TELEVISION! At the end of the date when Madison & Peter got to sit down & chat together I feel like she was really saying all the right things, but I’m questioning if it was sincere or if she is just playing the game. I love Madison & I’m rooting for her–I also feel like the producers may be trying to frame their relationship for other reasons though.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m diggin‘ this season of The Bachelor so far. The girls were wasted the first night, like a million kisses have already happened & Peter has some intense drama going on with Hannah B coming into the picture. I’m so pumped to see if Hannah B ends up ruining this season for all the women there (kinda hoping so, sorry not sorry). After this episode only my final 3 picks for the end of the season are Victoria P, Hannah Ann, & Madison. Who knows, this may change next week! Who are your top 3? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I’m never really excited for Mondays, but IS IT MONDAY YET?! I’m ready for more Pilot Pete. ‘Til next week!

XO, Han