Today’s Reflections 04.23.2020

Today’s Reflections 04.23.2020

Keep your friends close.

They say when the going gets tough people start jumping off your ship left & right. Personally, that couldn’t be more false. I am blessed to say when the going gets tough, my friends shower me with love & support. Thanks pals! ❤

This is more like this week’s reflections, not only today’s. I’m not going to lie; this week has been a rough one. Being an enneagram 8 (shoutout to all my 8’s!), I love control. I like to control my surroundings. I like to control my schedule. I like to control e v e r y t h i n g. I would control when the sun rises & sets if I could haha!

We are now on week ??? of quarantine / social distancing & people . . . I’M ABOUT TO LOSE IT! I need structure. I need a schedule. I need social interaction with someone other than my dogs & husband (love you, Blake). If this weren’t already enough to make someone lose their mind, let’s add family health problems into the mix!

On Wednesday I finally had just about all I could take & helloooooo meltdown. We all love a good meltdown, right?! *scoffs*

The amazing part about friends is their ability to make you feel like you can take on anything & that you’ll never EVER do it alone. Friends always know when you need a pick-up & just how to do it. Moments like those are the ones you remember forever.

Never take a friend for granted & don’t stop showing up for them. We need these beautiful, brilliant, funny humans in our lives to keep us sane. Make sure they know just how much you mean to them. I’m counting down the days until I can hug these lovely people again. Shout out to all my besties, y’all make my world go ’round.

xo, Han

Today’s Reflections 03.18.2020

Today’s Reflections 03.18.2020

I’ve been quiet, I know. But what is there to say when the world as you know it has come to a halt?

Media, news, social networking . . . it’s too much.

*deep breath*

Did you ever realize you took giving your friends a hug for granted? Did you ever realize you took going to work for granted? Did you ever realize you took leaving your house for granted? Going to the gym? Buying what ever groceries you wanted? Sitting in a restaurant? Holding your grandparent’s hand?

I thought I did, but I didn’t.

There is a greater lesson to all of this. While I don’t have a clear picture of what that is, what I can tell you is rest.

Find peace in solitude.

Find peace in slowing down.

Find peace amongst the chaos.

Find peace somewhere.

Humans are busy creatures. Work, hustle, stay busy, achieve, advance, obtain, create, develop, succeed . . . don’t you think that’s a lot? Existing is enough. We’ve made that out to be a lie though. It seems as though everyone is always focused on their next move–forgetting to just be. It’s okay to not always be hustling & living for the next moment ahead.

During this time while many are quarantined to their homes, I hope they rest. Being human is by far the most difficult task on earth. Humanity needed a lesson on slowing life down a little. The last week has seemed extra difficult & strange because the sun has not shone. Tonight, right before sunset the sun came out & I could finally feel its warmth on my face. There is something spiritual about that. It’s funny how a little sunshine can give you hope that maybe things aren’t so bad.

Some of my favorite things on earth I will appreciate for the rest of my days:

Laying in bed with my friends watching Netflix

Exercising at a gym

Chatting with a stranger in line at the grocery store

Eating fast food seafood with the best friend my soul needed

Sitting in a coffee shop enjoying the atmosphere

Hugging my best friends

Easily getting what I need from the grocery store

Traveling freely

Scrolling through social media without my friends being full of fear/anxiety

Visits with my Papa

Communion on Sunday mornings

Game nights with the best company you could ever ask for

A glass of rosè at my favorite wine spot downtown

I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy with the pandemic among us. I didn’t think it was anything to worry about in the beginning, but now that things have escalated I find it hard to keep my peace. I will not let fear, uncertainty, anxiety, & negativity rule my life–God will surely see us through.

xo, Han