The Bachelor Episode 3

The Bachelor Episode 3

*** S P O I L E R A L E R T ***

Helloooooo, Bachelor Nation!

Y’all I’m convinced this is truly the most boring season of The Bachelor EVER! Also, I’m sick to death of hearing about the damn champagne. Get overrrrrr it, ladies! Not trying to be a Debby downer here, but I’m really hoping the season starts getting more exciting soon because I’m just about over it!

Date With Victoria P

Victoria P is so cute & I think she’s the bomb! All I could think about while they were driving in the truck though is where the heck is her seat belt????? The little moment that Victoria P & Peter had in the boot store was seriously adorable. I think he’s really into Victoria . . . just the way he is around her seems so real. BUT, what do I know? We’ve hardly seen Peter interact with any of the girls unless it was an interrogation about something going on in the house.

Anyway, this line dancing bar that they’re at looks like it’d be my JAM! I need to go rn. Who knew that Peter was a line dancer?! Never have I seen him look anything like a cowboy before . . . so a little confused, but das cool. I’m so happy she got the date rose at the end of the date. YAY YAY!!

Hannah Ann & Kelsey


Their little confrontation on the couch was sooooo awkward! So when Hannah Ann was speaking with Peter about this situation & she said that she was being bullied by Kelsey . . . I can’t disagree there. During their talk Kelsey said that she’d called Hannah Ann “unkind words & names” & it wasn’t bullying–honey, you better check yo self! I’m so ready for this insane lady to go home!!! #champagnegate

Group Date

Date Card

  • Kiarra
  • Sarah
  • Tammy
  • Kelley
  • Savannah
  • Shiann
  • Sydney
  • Alayah

Finally, some entertainment! I’m so happy to see Demi!!!

Honestly, I think Demi’s appearance was literally the best thing about this episode (sorry girls!) & watching the girls open up the sleepwear Demi got them was HILARIOUS. I don’t remember who got the mumu to wear, but I’m here for it!

Watching Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight Club was def bringing back some rugby competition vibes from Hannah B’s season when Luke P went apeshit on someone & it got outta hand.


Let’s talk about her real quick. I haven’t minded her in episode 1 & 2, but suddenly during this group date I L O A T H E her! When it was Alayah vs. Sydney in the pillow fight I have to admit I laughed a little (okay, a lot) when Alayah took that blow to the head. Alayah was def playing dirty & I’m not super happy that she won 1 on 1 time with Peter. Bleh.

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Post Group Date

Whoaaaa Sydney & Alayah. I guess that’s the new #champagnegate? Producers, quit drudging up fights just so there’s something going on in the house. Their convo was super weird–I think Sydney was confronting her in a roundabout way about being fake & a stereotypical pageant girl who can “turn it on” & we can all agree THIS WAS SO UNCOMFY!!

Alayah’s behavior in general during this episode is just extra cringe-worthy. This meme seriously sums it all up.

Did anyone else feel uncomfortable when Kelley was basically telling Peter that he needs to shave his beard? Also strange is when Peter was asking her if this whole thing was ” working for her?” Like I’m pretty sure that should be the other way around. Sorry y’all, but I don’t really think Peter has a grasp on this whole being The Bachelor thing. Yikes.

Side note: I cannot S T A N D when girls use their time with Peter to talk shit about other people in the house!!!! If that were me I’d be using every second to talk myself up lol.

Sydney going to Peter about the Alayah drama . . . I have mixed feelings (per my comment above), but overall I’m glad she said something because literally like everyone confirmed what she said. That bitch is sketchhhh! But can you BELIEVE Peter had the audacity to call Sydney out in front of the group??? That’s drama management 101! To me it wasn’t super cool that he called her out like that in front of everyone.


She got the freakin rose . . . YASSSS! You know she’s probably gonna get jumped by people in the house when they’re all alone after this though haha.

Literally the Worst Pool Party Ever

I am sooooooo tired of Peter being a fuddy dud at all these functions. It seems like he’s often too wrapped up in his emotions to fully give himself to the group (which, may I remind you, is the point of the entire show).

When I heard this was gonna be a pool party I was like oh cool, that’ll be fun to watch. I should’ve known it’d turn into a full on interrogation session with detective Peter talking to all the girls about the latest drama. I wanna see somebody do a cannon ball or something. EVERY girl is in full hair & makeup having a miserable time. Get in the water!!! Also, is it just me or have we hardly seen this pool in the history of Bachelor Nation? LMK.

Back to Alayah (ugh, right?). SOOOOO SKETCHY that she didn’t want anyone to know that her & Victoria P knew each other prior to The Bachelor. I don’t think that it would’ve been a huge deal, but to lie about something like that is bizarre. One of my fave parts of tonight’s episode was when Peter confronted Alayah about that and she straight up looked like a deer in headlights! At this point I was convinced while watching that Peter was over Alayah.

Rose Ceremony


  • Kelsey
  • Hannah Ann
  • Natasha
  • Lexi
  • Madison
  • Shiann
  • Kelley
  • Kiarra
  • Tammy
  • Savannah
  • Deandra
  • Mykenna (I really don’t get why she was so nervous???)
  • Sydney
  • Victoria P


  • Alayah (P R A I S E J E S U S!)
  • Sarah
  • Jasmine
  • Alexa

Final Thoughts

So I was totally digging’ episode 1 & 2 of this season, but now I’m having second thoughts after episode 3. My hope is that next Monday is a little more real excitement, & not as much producer-induced drama (overrrr it). After watching this Monday’s episode, my fave 3 rn are Victoria P, Madison & Hannah Ann. Don’t get me wrong there’s lots of others I really like (but let’s be honest we don’t even know them!!!), but these are the ladies that I feel like have the best chance of making it the furthest.

I am anxiously awaiting next Monday to see what will happen (& if Kelsey will get send home). 6 more days!!!

XO, Han