The Empowered Gal’s Guide to Hanging Christmas Lights (the easy way!)

The Empowered Gal’s Guide to Hanging Christmas Lights (the easy way!)

The Empowered Gal’s Guide to Hanging Christmas Lights

(the easy way!)

It’s finally that time of year! The air is frosty, stores are filled with holiday goodies, & all your neighbors have their Christmas lights up.

Whether you live in a house, dorm, or apartment I have the E A S I E S T light hanging hack to get you festive in no time!

I’m a Target gal myself, so I picked up some lights from my local Target. Good news–they happen to be on sale right now!

I picked up Wondershop Twinkling Clear Net Lights for $9 for our bush out front & several strands of Wondershop LED Mini Lights for $9 each. I only wanted to put lights around our front door & garage door for simplicity’s sake of taking them down later (lazy or genius?!).

Next was finding something durable & simple to keep the lights up. For years I watched my dad attach lights to our roof with those little plastic clips & I decided I wanted no part of that (ladders, no thank you)! I went to the Command hook aisle hoping to find something easy to use & they actually make light clips specifically made for outdoor use. WHO KNEW?! The Command Clear Outdoor Light Clips are only $9.99 for 36 (the clips are reusable–just buy new sticky strips).

These hooks are literally the easiest thing I’ve ever used! They come with sticky tabs to put on the back of the light clips. You peel & stick it onto the clip, then stick the clip to the door frame (or wherever you’re putting it). The package says to clean the surface before sticking the clips to it, but I didn’t have the time for that–I hung them up anyway & a couple wind storms later they’re still standing strong!

It took me less than an hour from start to finish to hang up lights around the front door, garage door & the bush. Who needs to wait around for someone else to put Christmas lights up for them? Girl, get EMPOWERED and hang those lights yourself!

Happy decorating! XO, Han