La Rue Cotês de Provence Rosé 2018

La Rue Cotês de Provence Rosé 2018

$7.99, Aldi

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not ready for summer to be over yet? It’s always summer when you’re sippin’ La Rue Côtes de Provence! If you’re late to the rosé party this is the perf starter. At $7.99 what do you have to lose (besides literally $7.99, but you’re going to fall in love with it!)?

I’m an Aldi regular–I won’t let anyone take my designated quarter from me! This is a rosé that Aldi used to carry & they brought it back in the spring. If you L O V E this wine like I do, you’ll def want to stock up because in year’s past Aldi restricted the number of bottles you could buy because their stock was so limited.

This fruity, delicate rosé hails from France & is truly one of the better rosé wines I have found, especially for its quality & price point. Its taste is smooth and not “artificial” tasting. The aroma of La Rue Côtes de Provence smells of fresh berries and its appearance is clear. It falls a little more on the dry side than some of the sweeter rosés I’ve come across, but remains lively & crisp. Aldi’s site describes this wine as “full-bodied,” but I would have to disagree & call it medium-bodied. I prefer to chill this wine in a wine cooler as opposed to the refrigerator–it is more flavorful when it’s not ice-cold. Overall, I rate La Rue Côtes de Provence 4 / 5, all things considered.

I may be a little picky with my rosé preferences, but I typically look for a rosé with a lighter color–I usually like the way they taste better in comparison to the darker rosés. La Rue Côtes de Provence has nearly the perfect color I prefer!

Pop in Aldi & grab a bottle of this amazing rosé & get pumped up for Bachelor in Paradise (yeah, I know you secretly love to with BIP)! ‘Til next time, cheers!

xo, Han

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