BRECA Rosé 2018

BRECA Rosé 2018

$13, Top Ten Wines

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Breca Rosé is the most confusing rosé I’ve tasted thus far since I’m typically into French rosé. What really drew me in to this rosé was the sophisticated packaging. Looks like rosé, but tastes almost like chardonnay (when compared to all the other rosés I’ve ever sipped on). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good buttery chardonnay, but when you expect one thing & get another it’s always a bit shocking. If you like the taste of a typical rosé, this may not be the one for you! But hey, for $13 it’s worth a shot!

I picked up this history-rich wine at one of my fave spots in Columbia, MO, Top Ten Wines. Everything about Top Ten Wines is so my vibe! Low lighting sets the mood & the walls of this quaint little place are lined with every kind of wine you could dream of. Columbia is pretty much your typical college town (M-I-Z!), so you can image the bar scene–what I love about Top Ten Wines is that the typical patron is someone out of college that is there to have a meaningful, intelligent conversation with their cell phone tucked out of sight (crazy, right?). I can’t wait to try more of the rosé they carry!

Breca hails from Calatayud, Spain (a little northeast of Madrid) & is 100% Grenache from the oldest clone of Garnacha in the entire world. It is definitely on the dry side & has bold notes of watermelon & vanilla. Immediately upon opening the bottle it smelled strongly of florals–I’m not super into florally wines which is why this may not be at the top of my list. Overall, I give BRECA 3/5 stars. I may buy another bottle in the future, but it def isn’t my go-to.

If you’re a chardonnay gal (or dude) looking to branch out into rosé this may be your perf gateway to the rosé life! Cheers!

xo, Han