Chloe Rosé 2018

Chloe Rosé 2018

$9.68, Sam’s Club

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was immediately drawn to this cute little label on this sleek bottle of rosé I came across at Sam’s Club. Of course they make you walk past the wine section to get to the the deli (smart product placement!). At $9.68, I thought it was a super affordable price for a brand of rosé that isn’t as mass-produced as a wine such a barefoot.

Chloe hails from the sunny central coast of California & the vintage is from 2018. The name came from an ancient work meaning “blooming,” according to the bottle. Being the color of the wine was a little darker (due to longer maceration of the grape skin) than I typically like to sip on, I figured I’d give Chloe the benefit of the doubt. Upon opening the bottle it had a strong floral aroma and was clear in appearance. This rosé is definitely more structured than its counterparts I’ve reviewed thus far & is dry with a distinct aftertaste of rose petals. Sam’s Club’s site describes this rosé as “delicate,” but I venture to say there’s nothing delicate about it–Chloe is a full-bodied & bold rosé. Chloe isn’t quite the quality of taste I look for when purchasing a bottle of rosé. Overall, I rate Chloe 3 / 5. Bold rosé’s not really my thing, but I’ve had far worse!

I hate to admit it, but I did it & fell for the cute bottle & ended up with a rosé I wasn’t in love with. If a rosé with some personality is your thing, go for it! If you enjoy rosé that’s not so in-your-face you may wanna pass on this one. While it’s not bad enough to dump it down the drain, I won’t be making this purchase again.

xo, Han

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